Carriage of Goods by Sea


This module intends to enhance students’ understanding of specific legal topics concerning the Carriage of Goods by Sea. Special emphasis is given to the implications of legal decision on charter party wording. Moreover students will learn how and when to apply the Hague/Visby and Rotterdam Rules in contracts of carriage of goods by sea, enabling them to critically implement legal issues in shipping practice by the end of the module.

Key Objectives

Provide students with an understanding of the legal approach of charter parties and bills of ladings with emphasis on the legal interpretation of clauses

Familiarize students with the different wordings used in common charter party clauses


  • 10 hours of video
  • 200 pages of notes
  • 351 presentation slides
  • 14 Self - Assessment quizes
  • 1 Summative assignment
  • No prerequisites
  • 10 Credits
  • Core module


1Implied Obligations in a Contract of Affreightment
2Voyage Charterparties
3Time Charters
4Bills of Lading
5Application of the Hague/Visby Rules
6The Hamburg Rules
7Rotterdam Rules
8Bills of Lading Issued Under Charterparties
10Limitation of Liability
13Dispute Settlement
14Breach of Contract


M. Andreadis

LLM in Law, University of London

Michael Andreadis has obtained an LL.B. from Coventry University, specializing in the Law of International Trade and Competition Law and further acquired an LL.M. from the University of London (University College London, London School of Economics και SOAS) on Maritime Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is a member of the Piraeus Bar Association and the founder and senior partner of a legal firm since 2004. He is the legal advisor for companies active in the shipping sector, purchase and sale of petroleum, as well as capital and risk management. He collaborates with law firms based in Switzerland, the Russian Federation, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore and has been lecturing at BCA since 2006. His areas of expertise include Maritime Law, Contract Law, Arbitration, Offshore Companies, Banking Law and Energy Law. He speaks English, French and Spanish, his native language being Greek.

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