The Shipping Business Management module aims at students developing a sound understanding of the fundamental principles of shipping management, required for the effective operation of a shipping company. The unique nature of shipping companies, require an in-depth study of the role and function of their main departments such as operations, claims, chartering, technical, supplies, accounts and disbursement and their interaction.

Key Objectives

Enable students to grasp the four functions of management as applied in shipping companies

Familiarize students with organizing, leading, planning and controlling shipping business

Provide students with an understanding of the difference between linear and nonlinear management


  • 17 hours of video
  • 600 pages of notes
  • 500 presentation slides
  • 14 Self - Assessment quizes
  • 2 Summative assignments
  • No prerequisites
  • 20 Credits
  • Core module


1Managing Shipping Companies
2The 'Mintzberg's Model': The Roles of Managers
3Managing a Continuously Changing Environment
4Management Over Time
5Non-linear Management
6Distinguishing Shipping Markets
7Managing Shipping Companies by Forecasting/Visioning
8Organizing Shipping Companies
9Planning Shipping Businesses
10Managing New Ventures
11The Organizational Charts of Shipping Departments
12Leading a Shipping Company
13Controlling a Shipping Company
6 Seminars


Dr. Goulielmos

PhD from the Department of Economic History of Brunel University

Professor Goulielmos is a Ph.D holder from the Department of Economic History of Brunel University, 1974; Graduate and Full Member of the UK Institute of Marketing, London, 1972; Holder of Post-graduate diploma from University of North London in Economic Development, 1971; and Graduate of the Economic Department of Athens Economic University-ex Athens Graduate School of Economics and Business,1965.

Professor Goulielmos was Full Professor of Marine Economics at the University of Piraeus Department of Maritime Studies, 1992-2008. He served as Deputy Head of the Department, 1995-1997 and Head of the Postgraduate programme in Maritime Studies, 2001-2003. He had also served as General Secretary of the Greek Ministry of Shipping from 1993 up to 1995. Further to his teaching experience for more than 18 years, he has also worked in the shipping industry for another 16 years.

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